Maria Bamford’s newest stand up special Old Baby, is as unique as her comedy. Placed in different settings, Maria tells jokes that only Maria can tell because she has a style can never be copied. It’s true to her nature and self. Her style has always been different and she’s never backed away from it.

In the beginning she’s telling jokes to herself in front of a mirror, then to a man and his two dogs in a living room, then she’s in front of a few people sitting on a park bench, then at a bowling alley, then outside on a porch, then a few other places and finally she ends up on a good ol’ fashion stage in front of a good ol’ fashion crowd. This in itself speaks of how stand up comedy actually is. Sometimes you’re in front of one person and sometimes a few more. A lot of times its awkward but this is the dark truth of stand up. The pay off is when you finally make it to the big stage and have a big crowd who is there just for you. And that is where she ended up. 

Maria’s life has had it’s ups and downs as she freely talks about in her stand up. She’s able to pull the audience into her world and let them see the full truth of her life. She does hilarious impersonations of people with random voices and movements that add to the complexity of her jokes. In fact, if you don’t keep up with them you’ll miss something hilarious because all her jokes are filled with a lot more jokes! 

Maria Bamford has kept to her own style and for this we are so grateful! It’s amazingly refreshing to see a woman in comedy do her own thing and not try to fit the norm. Maria didn’t take the popular route, she took her route and it landed her in a great place! I think she is a testament to someone who has found themself and their voice and successfully brings it to the stage. (Which by the way, this takes years of practice and is not always easy to do.) Thank you Maria for being your bright, beautiful, amazing and truthful self! We love you!

Here is the trailer for her special and a link to her comedy tour ……



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