Mike Epps has made a huge mark in history by becoming an a iconic stand up comedian who made it not only from the streets to the stage, but also to the big screen in comedy. He played the famous character Day-Day in Ice Cube’s movies Next Friday and Friday After Next, while starring in his own movie classic Meet the Blacks and television series Uncle Buck. In all these roles he’s been funny, bringing his voice and legacy to the stage and screen. But now it’s time to see a more serious side to Mike as he’s recently taken on more movie roles where he can stretch himself and find new levels of acting.

The truth is any comedian who comes from the streets has much more than comedy inside of them. There is pain, hardship and realness. While these are the elements that have helped to make Mike funny and allow so many people to connect to him, they’re also the elements that give depth and truth to his acting. He’ll only have to reach so far to get to the next level as it is already there.

He’s currently filming Acts of Violencean action film where he plays the villain and is staring along side Bruce Willis. He was recently cast in Thirty Eight, a drama set to shoot this summer where he’ll play alongside Paula Patton and Terrance Howard, and another drama Audrey’s Run, shoot date tba.

He was also cast in the coveted role of Richard Pryor in Richard Pryor: Is it Something I Said?which will definitely be a mix of drama and comedy as it will portray Richard Pryor’s life. 

I believe the greatest actors are one’s who give themselves completely to their role, and Mike Epps has definitely done this and will continue to do this in his roles to come.

One thing Mike will never give up is his stand up comedy and currently he’s on his Festival of Laughs tour with Sommore, Rickey SmileyBruce Bruce, and Tony Rock

Here’s a recent interview with Mike Epps on the Stever Harvey Show



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