Fashion has no limits and 66 year old model, Cindy Joseph , is a testament to this. After being behind the camera most of her adult life photographing beautiful women, she was discovered on the street at the age of 49 and asked to model for Dolce and Gabbana. She has since modeled for ad campaigns such as Chicos, Olay, NIVEA, Target and many more. What an unexpected dream come true!

She has a wonderful outlook on age, beauty, self awareness and worth. In an interview with L’ELITE magazine Cindy shared some wonderful insight:

I believe women of every age are beautiful and that there is nothing to conceal or hide, only to enjoy and celebrate. Older women have beauty in the character they have earned with age. Young women are beautiful as well, with their shape, size and unique features they were born with.

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In another interview with Beth Greenfield of yahoo beauty, Cindy gave her insight into what drives her and gives her confidence:

Why do you think that’s such a challenge for most women of a certain age?
As we stand in front of the mirror, which is where we usually stand to criticize ourselves and fix, fix, fix, [the women of the commune] taught me to stand in front of the mirror and find something I could approve of, even if it was one small thing — my right eyebrow arch, my cryptic smile, my front tooth, my ankle, whatever you can find. And what’s fascinating about that is as soon as you find one thing right and approve of it, you suddenly see something else and something else. Women become more beautiful under approving attention: “Oh, your hair’s so pretty!” “You’ve got such a cute smile!” “Wow, that was a very profound thought you just shared with me!” We come alive; we eat it up — it’s delicious to us. It’s what started happening to me. (courtesy of yahoo beauty)

To read more about Cindy Joseph, visit her page at BOOM! By Cindy Joseph.

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