Burning Sands,  a drama film based on a screenplay by Gerard McMurray  and Christine Berg was first released at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, soon Common would come on board as executive producer around the same time it was released on Netflix. The film is about the dangers and challenges that surround college fraternities. Coming from a greek fraternity, one would know no better than McMurray himself of the challenges that come with this life. Combined with the college fraternity hazing deaths of past 15 years, he knew there needed to be something done to shed light on the still ongoing hazing that illegally occurs. The main character Zurich, played by Trevor Jackson, seems to come to a cross road in his life where he weighs the importance of becoming the natural born leader that he is or to give himself into the horrifying hazing needed to join the school’s fraternity. He seems to do the latter but the end of the film leaves an opening that maybe there is more to come.

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